Previous projects and older artwork

Ghost Gear Sculpture Project with World Animal Protection

In October 2014 I was commissioned to take on a project for World Animal Protection, to make five lifesize sculptures from Ghost Gear (lost, discarded and abandoned fishing nets that can have a devastating impact to marine life in UK seas.) I received this commission after a member of the organisation saw some of my artwork displayed at the gallery.  A series of beach cleans were organised by Surfers Against Sewage and World Animal Protection covering over 120 beaches and involving 3200 volunteers. The bags of gear were delivered to me and sorted in a near-by garage.

The first sculpture I produced was a lifesize grey seal, followed by a dolphin; there is more to come. It has been a really exciting project for me, as living so close to the sea I witness the everyday devastating effects we are having in our oceans and the creatures in it. I will also be working on some smaller pieces to sell in the gallery and for future exhibitions.

Pod Pictures

The pod pictures were part of my Woodland series. I was inspired by the symmetry of these tiny acorn pods, the pod pictures pay homage to the endurance and longevity of the mighty oak.

Collaborative Projects

Desde Adentro Project with Annie Bungeroth who is a photojournalist who covers development and social issues. Most of her clients are international development agencies such as Cafod and Oxfam. She is co director of ProExposure, an organisation supporting young photographers overseas and offering communications training for NGOs in the UK and overseas.


Key Skills